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Botany of the Azores

There are approximately 1200 species of vascular plants on the Azores of which about 60 are endemic to the archipelago. Some of the more distinctive and characteristic species are featured here. For a full list of species see here and for a full list of the endemic species see here.

Laurissilva (Laurel Forest)
Azores Heather
Azorean ivy
Azores Laurel.JPG


The original vegetation on the Azores is laurel forest, a suite of species from an ancient assemblage that once covered large areas of Europe but is now confined to the Macronesian islands. Typical shrub species include Azorean Holly, Azorean Blueberry, Azorean Cherry, Azorean Heather, Azorean Laurustinus, Azorean Juniper and Azorean Laurel.


Azorean Heather Erica Azorica

Azorean Ivy Hedera Azorica

Azorean Laurel Laurus Azorica

Azores Bellflower
Small flowered Butterfly Orchid,   Plata

Azores Bellflower Azorina Vidalii

Small-flowered Butterfly Orchid Platanthera Micrantha

Introduced Species


Invasive species such as the Ginger-lily are a real problem on the Azores, competing with the native botany . Other introduced species are very characteristic of the Azores including Agapanthus, hydrangas and Belladonnas which have become naturalised and are common sight across the islands .

A few characteristic species of the Laurissilva

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