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There are over 150 species of Lepidoptera on the Azores. The Azores Grayling is the only endemic butterfly species (with three local species/ sub-species depending on different authorities). The Large White present in the archipelago is also an endemic sub-species. American Painted Lady occurs occasionally as a migrant from the Nearctic and Monarchs have colonised some of the islands and also occurs as an occasional migrant.

There are over 30 endemic species and subspecies of moth for the Azores. For a full list of species see here

Butterflies & Moths of The Azores

Butterflies of The Azores

Long-tailed Blue  Lampides boeticus  

Monarch Danaus plexippus   

Azores Grayling  Hipparchia azorina 

Red Admiral  Vanessa atalanta

Painted Lady Vanessa cadui  

American Painted Lady Vanessa virgiensis   

Clouded Yellow  Colias croceus

‘Azores Large White’  Pieris brassicae azorensis 

Long-tailed Blue
Azores Grayling
Painted Lady
Red Admiral
Clouded Yellow
Large White
American Painted Lady
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