The Azores are nine islands in the mid Atlantic famous for it's endemic species, rare sea birds, vagrant birds from America and it's incredible marine life- particularly the abundance of Whales and Dolphins. 


Azores Wildlife carries out various research projects including assisting in the production of the Azores Rare and Scarce bird report, writing scientific papers (see publications) and also runs exploration tours and events including our Natural History Exploration Trip (The Azores Safari) in the summer, the well known Birders Pelagic and the famous Annual Rarity Hunting event on Corvo (see below). 

Azores Wildlife is a project by Littleoakgroup.

Azores Wildlife

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Exploration Trips & Events

Azores Wildlife focuses on some of the most popular groups of wildlife within natural history but this is only a small part of the incredible biodiversity of the Azores.

For access to information of all the bidioversity of the Azores see the Azores Biodiversity Portal :